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Holistic Tips for Maintaining Your Pet’s Dental Health

Posted by Yushira Budhram on

Dental health is an important part of your animal's overall health. Up to 70% - 80% of dogs and cats have gum disease by the age of 3. Gum disease could lead to heart disease and other serious issues.

The best way to maintain oral health for your pet is through feeding a raw or cooked food diet, daily teeth brushing, the right chews and regular at-home mouth check ups. 

Here are some holistic tips you can use to maintain pet dental health:

  1. Diet is key. Kibble can lead to premature tooth decay.  Unlike us dogs and cats do not produce amylase in their saliva. Amylase is a digestive enzyme that begins the digestive process and helps break down starches in the mouth. 
Think about it…. If you eat pretzels every meal and don’t brush your teeth for six months. What will your teeth look like? That’s what happens with our pets on a kibble diet. 

    We highly recommend a fresh food diet. Read our blog on why raw food is the way to go for your pet. 

    Visit us in store to see what items will suit your pet best. Your Aleyr guides are ready to help you.

    If you aren’t ready to commit to raw food just yet, here are ways to help your pet in their dental health journey:


    1. Dental hygiene is essential and if you are noticing some tartar buildup. Petzlife gel can help. Put some on your finger or a dental brush and it can slowly break down the tartar. Use after dental cleaning to help prevent tartar build up.
    2. You can also apply Animal EO dog breath essential oil to the gum line.
    3. Toothpaste…We don’t like toothpaste recipes that contain baking soda. It can mess with the acid base balance of the body. We don’t want to end up with a bladder infection because your pet swallowed baking soda toothpaste.
    Rather make your own or pick an ALL herbal or natural dog toothpaste from Aleyr.

      To make your own toothpaste:

      1. 1/4 cup Coconut oil
      2. 4 drops each Dog Breath Essential Oil blend and CBD Dog Health Ease.
      3. Mix & use cotton pad and rub paste on the teeth at the gumline.

      Dental Chews help to clean teeth naturally.

      Here are some options we carry in store that are great and we love...

      Elk antlers. Smaller dogs should have splits.

      Himalayan Cheese Chews

      Raw meaty bones

      If your dog’s tooth broke while chewing on an antler or raw bone, there was likely a predisposition. It could have been a cavity or improper nutrition when the teeth were forming in the body. Maybe even in the mothers womb. 

      We do not recommend any water treatments. Dog & cat tongues don’t work like humans. Most water treatments add chemicals to the body that the live then has to detoxify, so it is better to avoid them entirely. Rather offer your dog Answers raw fermented goat milk (add link to product), the live enzymes help to keep the mouth clean.

      Make the PROACTIVE choice with your pets dental health. Check their teeth and gums regularly and schedule a cleaning every 6 months!

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