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Our Story

At Aleyr, we strive to bring you the healthiest pet food on the market at the best price. With both a retail and online presence, we focus on bringing convenience to pet care by providing unmatched customer service and fast delivery to our local communities.

Let’s be honest, our fur babies don’t compromise when it comes to loving us. They smother us with all the face licks, the tail wags and the cuddles their little hearts can handle. There’s no limits to their care for us. So, why should we compromise when it comes to our care for them?

This is the question that led our founder Sid to create Aleyr. Sid is a local pharmacist with a tremendous love for pets. He has been caring for our Tampa Bay community for over 15-years. So, finding a way to help pet-owners take care of their pets provided him with the perfect opportunity to combine his love for animals and his passion for serving his community. Sid believes that much like people, giving our pets the best care starts with what we feed them.

We’re here to solve a problem…

The pet food industry has been notoriously unregulated. We have had to deal with unreadable ingredients, misleading marketing and frankly a lot of upset stomachs! It is no surprise that the leading causes of premature pet deaths are kidney disease, diabetes, and obesity. The majority of these preventable deaths are caused by poor diets.

As fur parents, we know that if we feed our pets healthier foods, they will live longer happier lives. We now have many healthier alternatives to the traditional processed pellets. While these nutrition packed alternatives are great for our pet’s overall health, they aren’t so easy on our pockets.

This is the problem Sid set out to solve. His goal became figuring out how to bring the best wellness products on the market to pet parents, in the most affordable and convenient way. After all, giving our pets the happiest and longest life shouldn’t be a luxury.

So Alyer was born. Aleyr is a local pet wellness store with a retail and online presence. We bring the healthiest products on the market to you at the best price! We take a hands-on approach of helping you navigate caring for your pets by giving you recommendations on healthy food options, preventive care and problem-solving common health issues. Our wide range of pet care products are vetted by our pet health experts and brought conveniently to you.