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Flea Season is upon us: Here’s how to stay one step ahead!

Posted by Yushira Budhram on

As “flea and tick season” ramps up here in Florida, we want to talk about ways in which you can help your pet be a less desirable host for parasites like fleas and ticks. Immune systems play an important role in why fleas choose their hosts. Parasites will typically choose hosts with weakened or compromised immune functioning. Meaning our dogs with weaker immune systems are more desirable for fleas.

At Aleyr our goal is to build a healthy immune system in our animals so fleas and ticks do not choose them. We recommend a real food diet as well as supplementing year-round with organic herbs and tinctures to help your pet build a healthier immune system. It is important to begin building the immune system 3-6 months before flea season so we give the immune system enough time to build up resistance. 

Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Adding Glacier Peak’s Colloidal Silver to their water. 
  2. Add Glacier Peak’s Peak Immune herbal blend to their daily raw fermented goat milk.
  3. Adding Answers Raw Fermented Goat Milk to their daily diet. 

    Neem is nature’s natural resource to aid in a healthy immune system. Neem is a tree that is typically found in the Indian subcontinent. Sometimes called “the village pharmacy,” neem is a unique medicinal plant in that all of its parts including its leaves, flowers, seeds, fruit, roots, and bark. Neem works great for humans too! But for our animals it has multiple benefits. Such as:

    1. Natural flea and tick repellant 
    2. Helps to detox the liver
    3. Supports skin issues
    4. Helps with digestion
    5. Neem ear drops are also really helpful in ridding ear infections.

      We are so grateful to be able to offer Ayush Ayurvedic Products in store. They make all their products with love. They grow all their own herbs in India on their family farm, that's why we trust them. Plants treated with love, heal with love!

      As a pet parents, we want to provide our animals with the best quality of life. How do you know if your dog has a healthy immune system? 

      1. By ensuring they are getting enough physical fitness throughout their day.
      2. Feed your dog real food that is naturally rich in nutrition - if you can’t eat it they shouldn’t either!
      3. Keep them hydrated with living hydration like bone broth or raw fermented goat milk.
      4. Whole food supplements that will help boost their immune system. (Your Aleyr guides can help, come in store today to see what’s best for you pets!)

      Mindful care leads to a long healthy life. We want to enrich their life as much as they enrich ours! 

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