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Beware of the New Canine Arthritis Drug, Librela

Posted by Maya Perez on

Everything You Need to Know About the New Arthritis Pharmaceutical, Librela!

Librela comes to us from the creators of Apoquel. Librela was created to help ease the pain associated with Arthritis.

However, just like its cousin, Apoquel, Librela comes with quite a few red flags.

  • Synthetic Chemicals
  • Destroys Joint Health
  • Not Safe for Long Term Use
  • Dangerous Side Effects

Don't Worry! There are some really wonderful, all natural products to help ease your pet's arthritis symptoms.

Raw Goat's Milk: This is Mother Nature's greatest gift! An all healing, anti-inflammatory superfood! This is an easy addition to your pet's existing diet.

CBD: The EASE CBD tincture by CBD Dog Health is the perfect product to have on hand to help alleviate your pet's arthritis symptoms. With the combination of CBD and just the tiniest amount of THC these compounds work together in a symphony effect to ease the pain associated with arthritis.

Joint Supplements: You will find no synthetic chemicals or vitamins here! All of the joint/ mobility supplements we carry are made with the best (REAL) ingredients that our pets can actually absorb!

As always, we are here to support you and your family through any transitions. Please reach out if you need more specified assistance.

Happy Tails!

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