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    Solid Gold

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    Solid Gold Dog and Cat Food

    At Aleyr, we care about your pet as if he was our own. Pet wellness starts with the food you choose to feed your furry, four-legged family member. For this reason, Aleyr carries only the highest quality dog and cat food brands, available at your fingertips online or in-store at our South Tampa location. We also offer free delivery to Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties. One of the many quality pet food brands Aleyr carries is Solid Gold.

    Sissy Harrington McGill's European Great Dane was the inspiration for Solid Gold in 1974. Sissy noticed that European Great Danes were outliving their American counterparts and believed diet was the primary reason. Influenced by high-quality European pet food, Solid Gold's flagship product, Hund-N-Flocken, was born. The dog food was so unlike anything on the market 45 years ago that it launched the holistic pet food category. Solid Gold's focus is to meet every dog and cat's unique nutritional needs by delivering dog and cat food that provides digestive health and overall well-being throughout the pet's life.

    Solid Gold has a product for every dog, whether they require a high protein diet, have a sensitive stomach, need to lose some weight, or overall complete health. Popular dry dog kibble includes Solid Gold Barking At The Moon -- a high protein and grain free recipe made with duck, egg, and peas, and Solid Gold Leaping Waters -- a grain free option for dogs with a sensitive stomach, which is made with cold water salmon and vegetables. Puppies can dig their teeth into Solid Gold Love At First Bark, a tasty grain free recipe consisting of chicken, potato, and apples. Dogs looking to control their weight should try Solid Gold Fit & Fabulous, made with chicken, sweet potato, and green beans. The recipe is the perfect blend to cleanse, balance and fuel your pooch. Solid Gold offers the Mighty Mini line of recipes for toy and small breeds, including turkey and hearty vegetables; beef, sweet potato, and apples; and chicken, chickpea, and pumpkin. Most recipes have a corresponding grain free and gluten free wet food.

    For all you indoor cats and kittens out there, Solid Gold Let's Stay In provides cats the balanced nutrition they need for a lifetime of indoor fun. Solid Gold Indigo Moon is a delicious and nutritious recipe made with fresh-caught Alaskan pollock.

    Solid Gold also has several pet-pleasing supplements like Stop Eating Poop + breath aid.

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