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Cost effective tips for keeping your dog healthy

Posted by Yushira Budhram on

Finding trustworthy advice for keeping our animals healthy can be difficult to find. Most conventional veterinarians typically recommend feeding our dog’s dry kibble. However, kibble is not a species appropriate diet for dogs. Genetically, dogs are about 97% wolf. Their ancestors thrived for millions of years on a carnivorous diet of whole animals.

Dry dog food came about after WWII and since then we have seen our dog’s health dramatically decline. In the last 80+ years obesity, cancer, skin disease, digestive issues in dogs have skyrocketed.

The number one reason for elective euthanasia is skin allergies. This shocking statistic is heartbreaking because skin allergies are preventable and mostly caused by kibble. We can drastically improve our dogs health by feeding them real food.

Raw fed bowl

Here are some cost-effective tips on integrating real food into your dogs life-


Give your dog leftovers – Dogs can eat all meat and the majority of fruit and vegetables. If it is not highly seasoned, add it to your dogs bowl.We also recommend giving them the offcuts of your meat or vegetables. We recommend gently cooking grocery store bought meat. Lightly steaming off cuts like broccoli stems make them easier to digest. Stay away from cooked bones.


Add Raw Goat Milk and/or Bone Broth – Raw fermented goat milk is mother nature’s probiotic and multivitamin. It helps tremendously with digestion and skins issues. Bone broth is a great source of collagen and nutrient dense hydration. Cartons of goat milk start at low at $6.99 for a pint. You can add a bit of filtered water to your goat milk to make it go further!


Quality over Quantity – Remember wolves hunt and eat well once or twice a week. New research shows periods of fasting is good for cell regeneration and the immune system. Rather spend your money on well sourced raw or cooked dog food than even the most expensive kibble. To save money, feed a little less raw or cooked food then recommended on the bag and add your leftovers when you can.


Healthy Treat Swaps – Make sure to read ingredient panels on your treat bags. Avoid flours, preservatives, and any ingredients that you do not recognize as whole meats, fruits or vegetables. Take your budget in treats and prioritize buying frozen bones, feet, necks and heads. These are great dental chews and loaded with cartilage, calcium and collagen. We have added a raw bar to our store which includes necks, heads and feet offered at $1.99 each.


If you are interested in improving your dog’s diet or would like us to help you ensure your home cooked food is complete and balanced, please come visit us. We have a holistic vet that holds her consultations out of our store and we offer delivery to Hillsborough, Pasco & Pinellas County.

We are so proud and grateful for the love our community has for our animals, and it is an absolute gift to be able to share this love and support with all of you!

With love,

Yushira & Ryela

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