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Introducing Smallbatch Organ Meat Blends for Dogs & Cats 🐢🐱

Posted by Maya Perez on

Have You Tried Smallbatch Blends?

It should come at no surprise that Smallbatch patties and sliders (raw & lightly cooked) are some of our top sellers at Aleyr. But have you ever tried Smallbatch blends?

These blends come in a small, convenient, 2lb package but back a mighty punch when it comes to nutrition.

The blends are simply just meat, bone, and organs. These are essential to creating a complete and balanced meal for your cat and dog.

We love Smallbatch because all of their proteins come from small, locally owned, GAP rated farms. GAP rated meat is a higher quality meat then we would at the grocery store. Grocery store meat is typically factory farmed, mass produced USDA rated meat.

Smallbatch Blend Benefits:

  • Perfect for creating aΒ  complete and balanced home cooked meal.Β 
  • All the organ meat and bone you need in one place.
  • Affordable and convenient.
  • Perfect solution for pets with allergies.


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