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Tips for Managing Pet Odor in Your Home

Posted by Yushira Budhram on

dog being bathed to reduce odor

You adore your pets, but, sometimes, the way they make your home smell can be anything but adorable. From smelly litter pans to musty dog beds and occasional potty accidents, if you have a dog or a cat, you probably face a few lingering odors. Thankfully, odor control with pet odor may be easier than you think. Here are a few quick tips to help you tackle tough pet odors and keep your home smelling good in spite of your furry housemates.

Feed Pets a High-Quality Food

It may sound like an odd place to start, but high-quality food can actually make a difference in the odors your pet causes. For example, cats that eat a mostly raw diet have smaller stools that are less smelly. And dogs that get the proper nutrition are less likely to have skin problems that cause odors.

Keep Litter Scooped and Use the Best Litter

cat and odor reducing cat litter in box

Scooping litter is a part of life when you have an indoor kitty, but it can be a lot easier if you have a high-quality scupper and you are using the best cat litter. For example, Naturally Fresh Ultra Odor Control Cat Litter is made from walnut shells, which are ultra-absorbent and extremely good for odor control.

Bathe Pets Regularly

Both cats and dogs do need a bath on occasion, and regular bathing can help thwart issues with odors. While bathing only a few times a month may be all you can do to prevent causing damage to sensitive skin, you can use an odor neutralizer spray in between baths. For example, Kin+kind Bergamot Lime Dog Odor Neutralizer Spray is great for dogs.

Wash Pet Bedding and Toys Regularly

The places your dog or cat sleeps and the things they play with can pick up a lot of odors. As far as pet beds, always invest in a well-made model like the Tall Tails Dream Chaser Brown Bolster Bed, which is actually machine washable.

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