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Goodness Gracious

Goodness Gracious Hula Lula Chicken Jerky Dog Treats


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All dogs go to heaven.  And there is Hula Lula Chicken jerky there.  Fortunately, it's here too, because we make it fresh every day.  

Hula Lula Chicken is our most popular dog treat. It's handcrafted.  Made only with 100% USDA boneless chicken breast that's simply sliced and dehydrated to a tender yet slightly crunchy perfection.  But it is the mouth-watering aroma that will get your attention.  Just open the bag and watch the pups come running. Don't worry; we have more.

Key Benefits

- Human Grade Jerky for Dogs / Single Ingredient
- 100% USA Sourced and Made
- Resealable 5 oz Bag
- Easily Breakable for all mouths big and small
brand Goodness Gracious
breed size Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds, All Breeds
food form Jerky
health feature Nutrition
life stage Puppy, Adult, Senior, All Life Stage
special diet Human Grade



USDA Boneless chicken breast.

Caloric Content

3615 Kcal / kg, 3.6 cal / gram, 51 cal / .5 oz
crude fat 6.16% min
crude fiber 0.2% max
crude protein 81.8% min
moisture 8.92% max

Our Promise

An Honest To Goodness Promise From Our Kitchen To Yours

We promise to care for the nutritional well-being of your dog or cat as we would our own. We are parents of furry bundles of love, and we know that like us, these sweet souls are at the center of your heart.
Human Grade
We affirm that our ingredients are human edible, that we hand craft our treats in small batches in a licensed and inspected USA human food facility, and that we follow current Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure food safety. This is what human-grade means.
Country of Origin
We vow to source all our ingredients from the USA except when either (a.) the USA does not grow that ingredient (like bananas) or (b.) another country does a better job (as is the case with grass-fed lamb from Australia and New Zealand).
Traceability and Transparency
We dedicate ourselves to traceability of every ingredient and full transparency of sourcing. We can trace each ingredient received to the lot number of a finished product. Likewise, we can trace the lot number of each finished product back to its constituent ingredients. It's called forward and backward traceability. We also publish the country of origin for every ingredient that goes into a Goodness Gracious treat.
We pledge to hold ourselves to the highest nutritional standards for making species-appropriate treats. Our Hula Lula jerky and Nibbles for dogs, and our Nibbles for kitties will always be just one ingredient. This means these treats will always be high-protein, low-fat, no-carbohydrates. This makes them low-glycemic.
Sourcing Ethics
We commit to selecting humanely-raised, sustainably-grown, non-GMO, organic ingredients at every feasible opportunity.
We assure you that we will use only whole food ingredients that serve a nutritional purpose. This means our treats contain no byproducts, no meals, no preservatives, no feed-grade ingredients, no fillers, and no additives (like glycerin or rice syrup). They also contain no soy, no corn, and no gluten-containing grains (like wheat, barley, or rye). We will never use white potato or white rice either.
We promise that our treats will be minimally-processed. We hand craft ingredients into treats using low temperature air-drying sufficient for killing food borne pathogens while retaining the fullest nutrition and flavor possible.
Our Thanks
We value your business and the trust you place in us. To be selected by you for your pet is a blessing. Thank you.

Country of Origin

Transparency of sourcing is part of Our Honest To Goodness Promise to you. Listed below is the country of origin of every ingredient we purchase. We pledge to always source from the USA except when an ingredient is not grown in the US (like bananas) or another country does a better job than the US (like humanely-raised, grass-fed lamb from Australia).

Chicken USA