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Smallbatch Rabbit Batch Sliders Grain Free Frozen Raw Food For Cats

Smallbatch Rabbit Batch Sliders Grain Free Frozen Raw Food For Cats

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Smallbatch Rabbit Batch Sliders Grain Free Frozen Raw Food For Cats available in a 3 lb bag. These sliders offer single-source protein and complete raw diets for cats, with 97-98% meat, organ, and bone content. Produced by Small Batch, known for their 100% raw, non-grain diets for cats, these sliders are formed into convenient patties, making them easy to thaw and serve at meal times. Smallbatch operates as a unique "Made to Order" pet food company, ensuring that your pet's food is prepared in small batches rather than mass-produced. Their meat is sourced from California farms, where animals are pasture-raised and free from hormones and antibiotics. They prioritize California-grown fruits and vegetables that are certified organic. All ingredients are of human-grade quality. Additionally, Smallbatch utilizes compostable packaging whenever possible, ensuring that what's inside benefits your pet while what's outside is environmentally friendly.

Key Benefits

- Locally grown and prepared using humanely raised meats.
- Free from grains, corn, or soy.
- Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids sourced from whole food sources.
- No hormones or antibiotics added.
- Made in the USA.
brand Smallbatch
food form Frozen Raw Food
health feature Vitamins & Minerals, Nutrition, High Energy, Complete & Balanced
special diet Raw, Organic, No Corn No Wheat No Soy, Natural, Human Grade, High Protein, Grain Free, GMO Free, Gluten Free



97% humanely raised and harvested rabbit, 1% organic produce, 2% natural supplements rabbit (with ground bone), sardine oil, organic dandelion greens, organic apple cider vinegar, organic cranberry, organic kelp, organic chia seeds, organic barley grass, vitamin E.

Caloric Content

Approx. 34 kcal per slider | Cat sliders contain 48, 1oz. sliders (3 lbs.)
ash 3.9% (max)
calcium 0.8%
crude fat 6.7% (min)
crude fiber 0.2% (max)
crude protein 19.8% (min)
moisture 60.0 (max)
phosphorus 0.5%

Feeding Directions

Cat Feeding Guidelines

Cat Feeding Guidelines

Weight (lbs)Sliders per Day

Note: For nursing or pregnant cats and kittens, daily quantities can be doubled. Please consult your veterinarian for individual adjustments.