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Fruitables Switch Pet Food Transition Supplement Wet Dog & Cat Food


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In this 15 OZ Can, The biggest barrier to trying new pet foods is the fear of digestive upset or food refusal. This means that most pets are fed the same old food day after day. With Switch, transitioning to a new food has never been easier or with less risk. Switch uses a proprietary new blend of different pumpkin varieties to achieve a just-right balance of soluble & insoluble fiber. This blend works to buffer the impact of new proteins and fats and Switch's highly palatable pumpkin base provides a flavor that dogs love. This natural approach makes switching foods easy and worry free.

Key Benefits

-Reduces The Risk Of Digestive Upset Or Diarrhea,
-Vet Developed,
-Ideal For Dogs And Cats,
-Use With New Foods Or When Changing Flavors
brand Fruitables
breed size Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds, All Breeds
life stage Adult


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