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Carna4 Fish Grain Free Air Dried Food For Cat


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Carna4 Fish Grain Free Air Dried Food For Cat  Introducing the first whole-food complete diet for Cats. Completely synthetic-free (that means no pre-mix!) because our organic sprouted seed combination provides all the vitamins and minerals your cat needs for excellent health. The cats are loving the taste! Quick-baked for convenient, every-day-easy feeding of natural food for your cat.

Key Benefits

- Every batch is tested for 15 different pathogens and toxins
- No synthetic ingredients
- Added ground organic sprouted seeds
- Quick baked air dried whole food nuggets
- Raw food alternative
- Made in the Canada
brand Carna4
food form Dry Food
health feature Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals, High Energy, Digestive Health
special diet Natural, Organic, Grain Free, Synthetic Free



Herring, perch, eggs, organic sprouted barley seed, salmon, ground fava beans, sweet potato, organic sprouted flaxseed, organic sprouted lentils, organic sprouted peas, potato starch, kelp, cranberry, sea salt, sunflower oil, nutritional yeast, natural baking soda.

Caloric Content

4420 kcal/kg or 409 kcal/cup.
calcium 1.43%
crude fat 17.00 % Min
crude fiber 4.00% Max
crude protein 40.00 % Min
Iron 130 mg
magnesium 0.13%
moisture 10.00% Max
Omega-3s 1.94%
Omega-6s 3.83%
phosphorus 1.07%
Taurine 2375 mg/kg

Feeding Directions

  1. Carna4 may be free-fed throughout the day or fed at specific meal times. Plenty of fresh, clean water should be available at all times.To free-feed Carna4, fill your cat’s bowl each morning with the recommended portion and make the bowl accessible all day. To feed by scheduled meals, divide the recommend daily portion by the number of meals fed. If you are using Carna4 in combination with other diets be sure to calculate the calories contributed from the foods and reduce the amount of Carna4 accordingly. Although Carna4 is a great complement to raw feeding, we do not recommend feeding Carna4 and raw in the same meal

  2. Transitioning to Carna4:

    It may take several days for your cat to adjust to the richer nutrients in Carna4. Start by mixing one part Carna4 to four parts of your cat’s old food. Gradually increase the proportion of Carna4 over 7-10 days until you are feeding all Carna4.For picky cats, take several Carna4 nuggets in your hands and rub them together. Then put the food away and pet your cat all over. Doing this 2-3 times BEFORE introducing the food makes the smell more familiar to your cat and increases the likelihood they will try a new food.Your cat may have larger stools in the early part of his or her transition period as the better quality fiber in Carna4 helps to clean out the colon. This is a normal and healthy effect and you will see the stools return to a normal size later in the transition. When transitioning to Carna4 from another diet, try sprinkling in some Flora4 ground sprouted seeds food topper to help aid digestion and normalize stools faster.

  3. Satisfaction Guarantee:

    We are sure your kitten or cat will love the fresh taste of Carna4 and you’ll love the peace of mind that comes with feeding your pet the safest, most nourishing complete pet food available. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, please return the remainder of your package to your pet specialty retailer for a full refund or call Carna4 at 1-855-4Carna