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Tropiclean Waterless Dog Facial Cleanser

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Keep your dog's face kissabley clean and fresh with TropiClean Waterless Dog Facial Cleanser. Dog's use their nose to explore which can often lead to encounters with dirt and smelly debris. Even eating can cause a messy face. TropiClean Waterless Dog Facial Cleanser is a tearless blend of blueberry and coconut cleanser that moisturizes and reduces odors trapped in facial hair and wrinkles. It is gentle enough for regular use and there is no rinsing required.

Key Benefits

-Made with a blend of blueberry and coconut to cleanse and moisturize
-Gently cleans and reduces odor in your pets beard or wrinkles
-No rinsing required
-Soap-free cleanser won't affect flea treatments
-Great for using between baths with long-lasting fresh scent
brand Tropiclean
life stage Adult
sub brand Grooming



Purified water, mild cleanser, organic blend of (blueberry extract, cucumber extract, white tea extract, avena sativa oatmeal).