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Tiki Cat Stix Chicken Grain Free Cat Food Topper

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Start your cat’s purr engine with this flavor-packed treat, made with real, tender chicken in a silky smooth mousse. Serve as a treat or on top of dry food for a boost of flavor and moisture Protein-rich treat with real, high-quality chicken Convenient packs of six individually-wrapped single servings Grain free.Grain-free chicken that’s great as a treat or meal topper for an indulgent, creamy texture that will make your cat come running. Contains chicken, eggs and natural tuna and chicken flavors for a protein-rich treat with real, high-quality protein. Comes in convenient packs of individually-wrapped single servings, perfect for traveling or to simply give your pal as a treat. Contains chicken broth for added moisture to help ensure your feline friend is getting the water he needs. Silky texture treat that will satisfy the most discerning kitties and will help entice him with a natural aroma and flavor he is sure to love.
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