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Sustainably Yours

Sustainably Yours Multi-Cat Plus From Corn & Cassava Natural

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When it comes to controlling litter box odor, some cat lovers can never get enough of a good thing. That’s why we created Multi-Cat Plus!

Our special corn-cassava blend goes through an extra processing step for performance that’s unsurpassed. Plus, we add more cassava for improved clumping and odor control – a must for litter boxes that are frequently used.

Key Benefits

-Made From Corn & Cassava,
-Superior Odor Control,
-Fine Granules For Even Faster Clumping,
-Extra Cassava-Powered Clumpability & Odor Control,
-Clump Hardness Thatu2019s Unsurpassed,
-100% Biodegradable,
-From A Renewable & Sustainable Source,
-Light Color- A Clean You Can See,
-Low Dust,
-Chemical & Fragrance Free.
brand Sustainably Yours
breed size All Breeds
instructions Flush only 1-2 clumps at a time. Allow to soak 15 minutes prior to flushing.
life stage All Life Stages
material Corn & Cassava
packaging type Bag
product type Litter
special feature Clumping, Odor Control, Flushable, Unscented, Multi-Cat, Biodegradable, Natural, Chemical Free, Low Dust



Sustainably Yours is made from corn and cassava, two crops that are completely natural, renewable and biodegradable. Also known as yuca or manioc, cassava is an edible, tropical plant grown worldwide