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Roam The Boss-Trich Bone Cape Ostrich Large Grain Free Dog Treat

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Large and Thick Ostrich Dog one. Sizes very but most bones are about 11-12 inches long and 3-4 inches thick. The energetic, wide-eyed ostrich is native to the grasslands of South Africa. Though they are the world’s largest flightless birds, their long legs enable them to run at speeds of over 65 km (40 miles) per hour. Bred and fed a pure and balanced diet in their natural environment, breathing clean air and free to roam through vast areas of territory, the meat of these agile birds is a novel protein, uniquely lean, healthy and very tasty which poses a low risk of food allergies to pets.

Key Benefits

-Boredom Buster,
-Item Floats,
-No GMO,
-No Antibiotics,
-No Artificial Ingredients,
-No Preservatives,
-No Growth Hormones.
brand Roam
breed size Large Breed,Giant Breed
food from Treat
life stage Adult,Senior
packaging type Pack
special diet No Corn No Wheat No Soy,Grain Free,Gluten Free



Smoked Natural Meaty Ostrich Bone

Caloric Content

2030 kcals/kg
crude fat 0.70%
crude fiber 1.30%
crude protein 32.10%
moisture 11.30%