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Solutions Pet Products

Solutions Pet Products Frozen Raw Pork Food For Dogs

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Solutions Pet Products Frozen Raw Pork Food For Dogs Our complete diets are formulated by Chelsea Kent and Roxanne Stone. Each features GAP rated proteins, cultured pastured eggs, rich gelatin, high vitamin goat butter, and organic sprouted chia seeds. Due to their incredible bioavailability and caloric density, these blends require significantly smaller feeding amounts than other foods.

- No artificial ingredients
- Humane processing and eco-friendly packaging
- No HPP (high-pressure pasteurization)

Storage and Use: 

Keep frozen. Thaw to serve. Keep refrigerated. Do not heat. Good for 7 days after thawing.

- Veterinarian Recommended

For pet use only:

- Not for human consumption. This product has not been pasteurized and may contain harmful bacteria.

- Wash all surfaces that this product comes in contact with thoroughly with soap and water.

Key Benefits

- GAP Certified Sourcing
- Scientifically formulated by leading experts
- Optimal 1:1 fat to protein ratio
- No synthetic or isolate ingredients
- Enhanced and protected by fermented foods
- Add the daily serving of our milks or Jiggles to balance for puppies and cats
brand Solutions Pet Products
breed size Extra Small & Toy Breeds, Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds, Giant Breeds, All Breeds
food form Frozen Food
health feature Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals
life stage Puppy, Adult, Senior, All Life Stage
special diet Natural, Organic



Pork, organic pork heart, organic pork liver, organic pork kidney, pork spleen, organic ground pork bone, pork gelatin, whey, fermented duck eggs, organic kale, organic parsley, fermented organic okra, cod liver, fermented organic ginger, organic chia seeds, sea salt, wheat germ oil, organic kelp

Caloric Content

2,464kcal/kg, 88kcal/oz
Ash 2.17% max
Calcium 1.2
crude fat 19% min
crude fiber 0.68% max
crude protein 15% min
moisture 63% max
Phosphorus 1

Feeding Directions

  1. Remove Casing While Frozen

    Since we do not use propylene glycol on our casing, it can stick to the meat when handled in certain ways. Make sure to remove the casing from the product while it is still frozen. To do this, simply use a knife to score the chub and then break it in half using a hard edge (like the edge of your counter&. From there, removing the casing is easy. Transfer the unwrapped frozen meat to a separate container and allow to thaw at room temperature.

  2. Use Our Feeding Calculator To Determine Proper Feeding Amounts

    The average raw pet food is 40 calories per ounce. Solutions Meat Recipes are 70 calories per ounce and have increased bioavailability due to the inclusion of fermented foods. Adjusting calories based on this increased nutrient usability shows that dogs eating Solutions need less than half the amount of food they’d need on the average raw pet food. Overfeeding can cause diarrhea because unused calories need to be purged. Use our feeding calculator to determine the correct amount to feed!

  3. Expect Variance In Presentation

    The color, taste, texture, and smell of our foods are highly variable. We are using rotating cuts of muscle meat, organs, and fatty tissue. Unlike other food companies, our commitment to sourcing the best possible meat is greater than our commitment to a homogeneous product. This built-intonation not only allows us to maintain our sourcing standards but also provides your pet with nutritional diversity that a uniform product would not.