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Petzlife Oral Care Peppermint Flavor Spray

Petzlife Oral Care Peppermint Flavor Spray

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Dental health is critical to your dogs overall well-being; and our revolutionary periodontal program is a healthy; holistic approach to oral care. The all-natural ingredients safely remove plaque and tartar; reverse oral disease; promote healthy gums; brighten teeth and kill the bacteria that causes bad breath.

Key Benefits

-Grape Seed Extract helps prevent dental plaque, mitigate oral and gum diseases and contains Proanthocyanidins (Potent antioxidant properties),
-Grapefruit Seed Extract is high in vitamin C, E and bioflavonoids, excellent at alkalizing body fluids, reduces periodontal inflammation and detoxifies, enhances and supports immune function,
-Thyme oil helps control the pathogenic organisms responsible for tooth decay, gingivitis, and bad breath,
-Neem oil helps prevent bacteria from adhering to teeth (reduce plaque), helps prevent and reverse gum disease and serves as a natural breath freshener with antibacterial properties,
-Peppermint oil yields very potent antiseptic properties, helps to battle bad breath bacteria and contains omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.
brand PetzLife
breed size Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds, All Breeds
life stage Adult
product form Spray
special feature Breath Freshening, Plaque Removal



Grapefruit Seed Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Thyme Oil, Neem Oil and Peppermint Oil. These Are All Specially Formulated with Distilled Water and Grain Alcohol to Produce One of the Most Effective and Safest Dental Products Ever Produced