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Petlinks Scratcher's Choice Corrugated Cat Scratcher Toy With Catnip

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Keep your kitty scratching happy with the Petlinks Scratcher's Choice+ Corrugated Cat Scratcher with Infused Catnip Cat Toy. Designed with a scratch-friendly corrugated cardboard surface, it’s the perfect horizontal scratching toy to satisfy your cat’s hard-wired scratching instinct. It’s reversible for long-lasting scratching, and both sides are infused with catnip to keep your feline buddy coming back for more. Plus, the box doubles as a toy to add some mental stimulation to scratchin’ time.

Key Benefits

-Designed to satisfy your cat’s innate instinct to scratch while sparing your furniture and fabrics,
-Corrugated surface is perfect for kitty’s claws and helps promote healthy nail growth with everyday use,
-Catnip-infused technology releases natural catnip scent with every scratch to keep your kitty coming back,
-Box doubles as a hide-and-seek toy with built-in holes and includes two cardboard “balls” to toss and chase,
-Made in the USA with recycled paper pulp that’s eco-friendly and pet-safe.
brand Petlinks
feature Catnip, Exercise
life stage Adult
material Cardboard
product dimensions 19.75 x 11 x 1.75 inches


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