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Petlinks Scratch Stop Deterrent Training Cat Spray

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Help scratch-proof your home with the Petlinks Scratch Stop Deterrent Training Cat Spray. This spray is formulated with a botanical blend of naturally-sourced lemon and eucalyptus oils that humans love but kitties just hate. It works by repelling your furry one from scratching your furniture, drapes and carpet. Simply spray where you need it, and your cat will naturally stay away from the area. The formula is safe to use regularly and is clear, so you can use it on most surfaces around the house.

Key Benefits

-Natural deterrent spray keeps your kitty from scratching your furniture,
-Works with a natural blend of essential oils, including lemon and eucalyptus oil, that has a smell cats actively avoid,
-Easy to use—simply spray on any area to keep it scratch-proof with no mess or hassle,
-Made with all-natural ingredients, so it’s safe to use with pets and environmentally friendly,
-Formulated with no harsh chemicals or toxins.
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