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Petlinks Pure Bliss Organic Catnip

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Let your kitty follow his bliss with the Petlinks Pure Bliss Organic Catnip. Made with only one ingredient—100% pure, unadulterated organic catnip—it’s just what your kitty needs for a burst of catnip-infused play. Catnip is all-natural and totally safe and non-toxic to cats, providing a boost of energy followed by a purrfectly mellow period with just a whiff. You can add it to toys, scratchers and bedding to make them even more enticing to your kitty, and since it has no chemicals or pesticides, you can use it every day! 100% pure, organic catnip that’s been dried and processed for easy sprinkling or stuffing. Gets your kitty excited about playtime with a burst of energy followed by a soothing relaxation. Grown, processed and packaged without any pesticides or chemicals so it’s safe for anytime use. Great to draw cats to certain areas, like bedding, scratchers, carriers, and even toys. 100% safe for pets and comes in a resealable package for easy storage.

Key Benefits

-Petlinks Organic Catnip In A 1 Ounces. Resealable Pouch,
-Kittens Generally Develop A Response To Catnip After 6-9 Months Of Age,
-Most Cats Respond To Catnip With A Burst Of Energetic Activity Followed By A Purrfectly Calm Mellow Period,
-Our Catnip Is Grown & Processed And Packaged Without Any Pesticides Or Chemicals,
-Made In The USA
brand Petlinks
food form Treats
life stage Adult
special diet Organic