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Petlinks Happynip Safari Zippy Zebra Feathered Cat Toy With Catnip

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Petlinks HappyNip Safari Zippy Zebra Feathers Cat Toy is made for pure kitty enjoyment! When thrown, this toy replicates the motion of a badminton birdy as it soars through the air. It features a soft, faux-fur zebra head with extra-long feathers as the body that will make your feline friend feel like she caught a bird. But the fun doesn’t stop there, because this toy is also packed with HappyNip—a combination of silvervine and catnip. Silvervine is a wild-growing herb that, similarly to catnip, can have an effect on cats, especially on those who don’t normally respond to catnip. While some kitties respond to catnip more than others, it typically ignites a burst of energy that’s followed by a period of “purr” relaxation. Not only will your cat love her new toy, but you’ll love knowing that Petlinks toys are crafted with environmentally friendly, sustainable and organic materials and designed to child safety standards!

Key Benefits

-Petlinks Zippy Zebra Has Feathers And Hypernip Enhance A Cats Excitement To Play,
-Our Proprietary Blend Of Silvervine And Catnip Drives Cats Wild,
-Most Cats Respond To Catnip With A Burst Of Energetic Activity Followed By A Purrfectly Calm Mellow Period,
-Our Catnip Is Produced Without Chemicals Or Pesticides,
brand Petlinks
feature Catnip, Exercise, Feather
life stage Adult
product dimensions 1 x 4.5 x 6.25 inches



-Plush, -Catnip

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