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Petlinks Caterpillar Crinkle Cat Toys With Catnip

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Give your kitty the thrill of the hunt with the Petlinks Catnip Caterpillars Set of 3 Crinkle and Catnip Cat Toys. Designed to activate your pal’s prey-seeking instinct, they’re lightweight so he can bat and carry them for interactive or solo play, and have a crinkly material inside to keep him engaged. They’re packed with 100% pure and potent catnip, which means your kitty will keep coming back for more. Plus, they are made with cat-friendly plush, string antennae and furry fabrics to add stimulating variety to playtime. Activates your kitty’s prey-seeking instinct with crinkle sounds, furry fabric, long plush and string antennae. Packed with 100% pure catnip inside to keep your kitty coming back for more interactive or solo play. Turns playtime into exercise time to keep your pal fit and healthy, whether he’s an indoor or outdoor kitty. Cat-friendly design is lightweight so it’s easy for cats to bat and carry them, and you can also toss them for more exciting play. Made with materials that are 100% safe for pets, and comes with set of 3 for kitty-approved variety.

Key Benefits

-Hidden Crackle Sounds Excite Cats,
-Includes 3 Catnip Caterpillars,
-Packed With Pure And Potent Catnip,
-Catnip Grown And Processed Without Pesticides And Chemicals.
brand Petlinks
feature Exercise
life stage Adult
product dimensions 3.5 x 1 x 0.75 inches



-Plush, -Catnip