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Nootie Soft Lily Passion Antimicrobial Medicated Pet Wipes

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Formulated to help relieve and heal symptoms related to fungal and bacterial issues. – Ideal for pets with ringworm and dermatitis caused by fungi; bacteria or yeast (Malassezia). – Helps prevent hot spots if used early on flea bite dermatitis. – Recommended to help cure bacterial infections due to bacterial dermatitis. – Safe to use along with topical flea & tick products. – Use between washes or to treat isolated trouble areas.

Key Benefits

-Formulated To Help Relieve And Heal Symptoms Related To Fungal And Bacterial Issues,
-Ideal For Pets With Ringworm And Dermatitis Caused By Fungi, Bacteria Or Yeast,
-Helps Prevent Hot Spots If Used Early On Flea Bite Dermatitis,
-Recommended To Help Cure Bacterial Infections Due To Bacterial Dermatitis,
-Safe To Use Along With Topical Flea & Tick Products,
-Use Between Washes Or To Treat Isolated Trouble Areas.
brand Nootie
breed size All Breed
life stage All Life Stage
product from Wipes
special feature Medicated



Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Peg 5 Cocamide, Polyethylene Glycol 600, Benzyl Alcohol, and Fragrance.
chlorhexidine gluconate 2
miconazole nitrate 2