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Messy Mutts Toy Breeds Chew & Tug Foam Rubber Dog Food
Messy Mutts

Messy Mutts Toy Breeds Chew & Tug Foam Rubber Dog Food



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Totally Pooched toys are designed to last...and with purpose. Choose from a selection of squeakers, stuffers and floaters to help engage your dog. The non-toxic foam rubber has a soft feel that is flexible but durable, and promotes increased interaction while encouraging healthy chewing habits.

Key Benefits

-The Totally Pooched Chew n’ Tug Ring is lightweight, durable, and chew-resistant. This toy features a soft texture for tough play and is great for bouncing, rolling, throwing, and playing fetch. This toy is 6.5” which makes it great for dogs of all sizes.
- As your dog chews on this ring, the flexible, gentle foam TPR designs and grooves help clean your dogs’ teeth and push off tartar.
-The flexible foam thermoplastic rubber (TPR) allows the ring to be manipulated when chewed adding fun to tooth cleaning for your pet.
-The ring shape is easy for your canine pal to carry around and is perfect for a game of tug-of-war. The strong nature of this toy means it can hold up against the strongest and toughest tuggers.
-This long-lasting toy helps keep your pup busy while providing a positive outlet of energy. This toy is a great outlet for a teething puppy or just dogs who need to satisfy natural instinct to chew. Your dog will get hours of fun all while promoting healthy chewing habits.
-Made from flexible, durable, and non-toxic foam thermoplastic rubber (TPR). Each stain resistant ring is BPA, PVC, and odor free. We only use the highest quality for our products because your pet’s safety is our priority.
brand Messy Mutts
breed size Toy Breeds
life stage Puppy


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