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Messy Mutts

Messy Mutts Microfiber Grooming Mitt

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Made of 100% Microfibre.
Can be used with or without water and soap.
Picks up moisture as well as fur and dander.
Ideal for common everyday grooming needs like washing and drying.

Key Benefits

-This 100% Microfiber Chenille Mitt Can Absorb Up To 7 Times Its Own Weight In Water,
-Microfiber Has Creates A Natural Attraction To Dust And Dirt Particles,
-Ideal For Your Dogs Travel Kit Or In The Car In Case You Need To Dry Your Dogs Paws In A Hurry,
-Machine Washable. Hang To Dry And Avoid Fabric Softeners To Prolong Performance.
brand Messy Mutts
product type Grooming Mitt
special feature Machine Washable


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