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Furr Anti-Fungal & Anti-Bacterial Medicated Dog & Cat Wipes

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With broad-spectrum antifungal and antimicrobial Furr Medicated Wipes, pet owners can easily treat the more delicate and sensitive areas of the animal’s skin – around the eyes, ears, nose and between the toes. Furr Medicated Wipes are an "easy-to-use" method of treating animals’ skin infections and irritation. Water-based for sensitive skin. Pleasantly scented to help deodorize. For dogs, cats and horses.

Key Benefits

Ideal delivery system for Ketoconazole and Chloroxylenol. Stabilized in a water based wipeu00a0that does not sting burn or cause any unnecessary skin irritation. Can become part of a comprehensive antifungal and antimicrobial treatment program while managing malassezia and pyoderma.



Purified Water, Ketoconazole, Propylene Glycol, Chloroxylenol, Perfume Sweet Pea & Vanilla, OP10, Benzyl Alcohol, Active Ingredients: 0.3% Chloroxylenol, USP, 0.3% Ketoconazole, USP .