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Barking Buddha

Barking Buddha Peanut Butter Beef Cheek Slice Gluten Free Dog Chew

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Our Small Peanut Butter Beef Cheek Slices are much easier to digest making them a great alternative to rawhide. They are rich in collagen; and full of delicious peanut butter flavor. They are additive free; chemical free and preservative free. Great for small to medium dogs! Using a natural cleaning method and with a slow baking process in our custom-made human-grade ovens; our Beef Cheek Slices preserve their natural beef flavor and a more natural color.

Key Benefits

-Single Ingredient: Beef Cheek
-81.2% Crude Protein,
-FDA Approved
depth 13 inch
height 5 inch
width 7 inch



Beef cheek; peanut dust; ionized water
ash 1.9%
crude fat 3.3%
crude fiber 0.7%
crude protein 81.2%
moisture 12.8%