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Ayush Pet CoCurcumin Muscle & Joint for Aging Pets

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"PET CURCUMIN 97%™ is commonly referred to as turmeric and has been used for centuries in foods for its health-supportive benefits, such as maintaining healthy inflammatory and metabolic responses. It is also known to have important antioxidant benefits and provides support to the body’s natural detoxification and hepatic function. Turmeric also supports the health of brain tissue. Curcumin maintains healthy cyclooxygenase (COX)-2 enzyme activity while supporting prostaglandin, leukotriene, and thromboxane metabolism.

Key Benefits

-Supports Healthy Inflammatory And Metabolic Responses,
-Promotes Metabolic Function,
-Supports The Bodys Natural Detoxification Liver And Cognitive Functions
-Antioxidant Properties.
brand Ayush
breed size Extra Small & Toy Breeds, Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds, Giant Breeds,All Breeds
food form Supplement
life stage Puppy,Adult, Senior



Cultivated in the tropical regions of India, turmeric has been used for centuries in Indian households as a culinary spice. It is the most widely recognized and used curry spice worldwide. The herb is equally revered in Eastern tradition medicine. Curcumin, the yellow pigment provider of the spice is also the most medicinal component of the herb. In Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric is a general tonic and blood purifier, as well as supports a healthy inflammatory response. It is used for immune support, as an antioxidant, for muscle and joint support, and healthy aging support.
guna Light, dry
prabhav Pitshamak (promotes healthy inflammatory response)
rasa Astringent, bitter
vipak Pungent
virya Hot