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Kin+kind Charcoal Deep Clean Dog Shampoo

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Dirty dog, this deep-cleaning shampoo is for you. Activated charcoal removes impurities and ensures a perfect clean. Charcoal Shampoo deodorizes any scent (including skunk!), and brightens both white and colored coats. ITCH RELIEF: remove allergens with natural oils. Coconut oil, olive oil, and glycerin attract and lock in moisture to the skin and coat. ACTIVATED CHARCOAL: removes impurities, brightens both white and colored coats, and eliminates any odors (even skunk!). ESSENTIAL OILS: scented naturally with essential oils for a n earthy and spicy fragrance NATURAL & ORGANIC: Natural soap free of sulfates and parabens. Made with certified USDA organic ingredients that keep GMOs away from your pets and harmful farming practices out of the Earth. USA: Safe and ethical production starts at home. We proudly mix our products in our own US facility with employees paid a living wage.Key Benefits Coconut oil, olive oil and glycerin provide itch relief by naturally removing allergens from your pal’s coat while locking in important moisture. The activated charcoal removes impurities and brightens your best bud’s coat while eliminating harsh odors. Essential oils create an earthy and spicy aroma that leaves your pet smelling wonderful. Organic ingredients are USDA-certified and contain zero sulfates and parabens. This cruelty-free deep cleaning shampoo was ethically made in the USA.

Brand Kin + Kind
Breed Size Adult


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