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World's Best Picky Cat Unscented Clumping Corn Cat Litter


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Cat not going in the box? Get the multiple-cat clumping litter that combines the concentrated power of corn with a natural, plant-based ingredient that naturally attracts cats to the litter box. This litter formula is perfect for newly adopted cats, kittens, senior cats or any fussy feline! Key Benefits Odor stays locked inside the litter, so you and your house guests don’t have to suffer from the stink. Creates tighter and smaller clumps, which allow you to clean your cat's litter box in just a few easy scoops. The flushable formula has been tested safe for sewer and septic systems for a hassle-free clean. Made with corn and plant fibers and no added chemicals for an eco-friendly litter you can feel good about. Corn is naturally free of silica dust, which makes this litter 99% dust-free for easy breathing. Precautions Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling used cat litter, as cat feces may contain Toxoplasma gondii—a parasite that can cause toxoplasmosis. Pregnant or nursing women, as well as children and anyone with a weakened immune system, should avoid handling used cat litter. Always handle litter in a ventilated area to avoid inhalation. Keep contents and packaging out of reach of children and pets. Seek medical help in case of accidental ingestion.


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