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Petlinks Hypernip Silvervine & Catnip Blend

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Cats don’t drink coffee, but you can still perk up your feline friend’s day with Petlinks Hypernip Silvervine & Catnip Blend. Hypernip is way more potent than plain catnip because it’s blended with silvervine, a wild-growing herb foraged in the mountains of Japan and China. Silvervine is known to have a strong natural—and perfectly safe—effect on cats, even those that may not respond to catnip. Sprinkle some on any of your kitty’s toys, scratchers, bedding or cat trees to attract her like a magnet and keep her coming back. Key Benefits Perk up your furry friend’s day with this unique and potent blend of catnip and silvervine. Hypernip is a safe, natural stimulant for cats that generates a burst of feline energy followed by deep relaxation. Silvervine is a wild-growing herb found in the mountainous regions of Japan and China. More potent than plain catnip and known to effect even finicky cats who don’t normally respond to catnip. Use to attract cats to toys, scratchers, bedding and more; resealable bag helps maintain freshness.

Brand Petlinks
Life Stage Adult



Silvervine And Catnip.


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