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Barking Buddha Buddha Bubbles Organic Dog Conditioner

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Made with Certified Organic ingredients and botanicals to provide a safe and natural way to clean your dog’s sensitive skin and coat. The 16 oz. Shampoo neutralizes odors by combining notes of lemongrass and the 8 oz. Conditioner seals in the odor control with tropical botanical scents. Made with pH balanced Organic Aloe Vera; and natural ingredients that include Argan Oil; Shea Butter; Organic Oats and botanicals; it is rich in Omega 3; 6 and 9; and Vitamin E to help restore the dog’s skin back to a natural balance. Other ingredients include Methylen Blue; an antifungal and antiseptic; and Organic Neem; Rosemary and Lemongrass that also make it an effective insect repellent.

Key Benefits

  • - For sensitive skin
  • - Effective flea tick & mosquito repellent
  • - Natural antibacterial
  • - Vitamin e for skin and coat health
  • - Treats dry scalp & irritation
  • - Helps detangle
  • - Prevents shedding
  • - Fights dandruff
Width 7 Inch
Height 5 Inch
Depth 13 Inch



Filtered Water; Botanical Conditioners; Cetrimonium Chloride; Argan Oil; Organic Rosemary; Organic Chamomile; Organic Aloe Vera; Organic Neem; Tropical Fruits & Flowers Scent


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