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What you REALLY need to know about flea & tick preventatives

Posted by Maya Perez on

Is your cat or dog on any of the following medications?

  • Isoxazolines: Bravecto, Nexgard, Simparica, Credelio, Revolution Plus

  • Moxidectin: Proheart 6 or 12, Advantage Multi

  • Fipronil: Frontline, PetArmor Plus

  • Spinosad with milbemycin: Trifexis

  • Selamectin: Revolution

  • Oclacitinib: Apoquel

If they are, we want to give you the whole TRUTH behind these medications and what they are actually doing to our pets so you can make an informed decision.


All of these medications have very serious and possibly fatal side effects. Side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, itching, skin lesions, tremors, ataxia, aggression, behavior changes, organ failure, internal hemorrhage, blindness, dry eye, and most commonly SEIZURES, coma, death, and so many more.


We'd like to tell you that these side effects are uncommon but unfortunately they are not. In the span of three years  there were over 600 deaths from Moxidectin alone.


Seizures are one of the most common side effects caused by these preventatives. It is so important to remember that there is NO ANTIDOTE once animals start experiencing side effects. They will most likely suffer the rest of their lives with complications from the preventatives.


As if preventatives weren't bad enough for our fur babies they are also wreaking havoc on our ecosystems.


A study conducted in March 2021 in both the U.S. and the U.K. shows dangerous levels of insecticides in our waterways with flea & tick medication being to blame. The study showed that the chemicals originated from veterinary-use flea control products that wash down household drains. This causes beneficial pollinators and aquatic life to suffer.


It also is terrible for our bird population. In another study it shows that many species of birds have suffered a high number of deaths due to using the fur from animals on preventatives to build their nests.


It is our responsibility as pet parents to be informed of all the effects that these preventatives not only have on our pets but on our environment. There are so many other non-toxic, natural options that are just as effective. We need to remember that pests are normal and with regular maintenance and a real food diet, can be controlled easily.

With flea and tick season upon us we are focusing on spreading awareness about the  terrible side effects of these preventatives.
The holistic journey is all about growing and adapting, just like Mother Nature. We are here to help guide you with natural alternatives to preventatives.
Next week we are going to highlight a REAL pet parent's journey dealing with the long lasting issues that preventatives have had on their pet.


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