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What Is Veterinary Herbal Therapy for Pets?

Posted by Yushira Budhram on


How many herbal supplements do you take a day? If you are like most people, you have tried a number of herbal remedies and had a successful outcome. The same value of herbal therapy is something to consider for your pets.

What Is Herbal Therapy?

Herbs are essentially plants that have been known or found to offer certain therapeutic properties due to the compounds they contain. Herbal therapy, in short, is simply using organic plants and plant compounds for medicinal purposes.

The History of Herbal Therapy in Veterinary Medicine

Before there was formal medicine for humans, humans turned to nature to find remedies for the problems that ailed them. The same held true for the animals that humans relied on for food—they often used certain plants or combinations of plants to tend to various ailments.

During the latter part of the 18th century, scientists gained new abilities to isolate various compounds and soon after began synthesizing many of those compounds in a laboratory. This led the way for doctors and veterinarians to get access to specific chemicals and chemical compounds that were harder to accurately measure from plants alone. Today, holistic vet services rely on those same natural, organic herbs and chemical-free processes to treat animals.

How Herbal Therapy Plays a Role in Holistic Vet Services

vet providing herbal therapy to cat

If you opt to take your pet to a holistic veterinarian, herbal therapy may be a major component of the treatment efforts. Not only can herbs be used to treat some of the most common veterinary ailments among dogs, cats, and other animals, but they can also be used to thwart the risks of certain illnesses and diseases. Here are a few examples.

Holistic Immune Support

Several herbs are known as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, which means they can also serve a role in supporting an animal's immune system. A vet may recommend that you give your cat something like Daily Defense Powder with sea vegetables and dandelion, or your dog something like Earth Animal Immune Support to lower the risks of parasites and support blood cells. These holistic immune support supplements offer an easy way to keep a pet healthier.

Dental Health Support

Dental health is something a lot of pet owners overlook, but just as it is for humans, dental health can play a role in overall health and wellness. True Leaf Healthy Teeth Dental Gel with oregano oil may help to naturally lower the levels of bacteria in the mouth that can lead to bad breath and tooth decay.

Important Things to Remember about Herbal Therapy for Pets

While herbal therapy gives your pet a natural road to health and wellness, always trust vetted products that have been properly tested and vet-approved for animal use. If you are interested in holistic vet services for your pet, book an appointment at Aleyr.

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