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Tips for Managing Your Pet's Weight

Posted by Yushira Budhram on

cat next to scale to be weighed

In many cases, people assume an overweight dog must be healthy. Likewise, it's not uncommon to have an overweight cat and see nothing but fluffy cuteness. However, when your pet is overweight, its health and longevity are actually at risk. Let's find out why weight management is so important to pet health and what you can do to help. 

Why Being Overweight Can Be Detrimental to Pet Health

Both cats and dogs can suffer undue health issues if they have excess fat on their bodies. Some of the issues that can come up due to being overweight include:

  • - An increased risk for numerous types of cancer 
  • - Diabetes mellitus 
  • - Risks of developing early-age heart disease 
  • - Problems with hypertension 
  • - Stress on bones and joints and risk of arthritis 

Overweight cats can be especially prone to urinary issues. Overweight dogs can be especially prone to skin disorders and gastrointestinal diseases. 

How to Keep Your Pet's Weight in Check

1. Consider Switching to a Pet Weight Management Food 

Pet food made for weight management is formulated to offer all the nutrition a dog or cat needs without as many calories and much less fat content. Many of these foods are made either with little or no grain, as grain can be a major source of heightened carbohydrates. For dogs, consider something like Farmina N&D Quinoa Weight Management Lamb Grain-Free Dry Dog Food or NutriSource Weight Management Chicken & Chicken Meal Recipe Grain Inclusive Dry Dog Food. Fromm Gold Healthy Weight Grain Inclusive Dry Cat Food is a good choice for overweight cats.

2. Make Sure Your Pet Can Stay Active Indoors


Fetch and chase toys are a good way to keep either a dog or cat active while they are inside. Most pets spend the bulk of their time indoors not being active, so a good toy can encourage them to get up and move around. Dogs may like a Tall Tails Natural Rubber Stick Dog Toy or Acorn Dog Toy. For a cat that is more inclined to be lazy, try Define Planet Fitness Balls Cat Toys.

3. Make Time for Outdoor Excursions


Time outdoors is one of the easiest ways to get your dog active. Pick up a good leash and collar, such as the West Paw Holiday Leash with Snowflakes for Dogs and West Paw Holiday Collar. Even cats may enjoy a trip outside to explore, and even felines can be fitted with a nice collar and harness. 

Keep Pet Health in Check with a Little Help

Making sure your pet stays healthy is one of the kindest things you can do for your beloved four-legged companion. Keeping them at a healthy weight is a big part of the process. If you need a little help with pet weight management food or otherwise, be sure to stop in and see us at Aleyr in Tampa, FL.

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