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The Importance Of Feeding Your Cat A Biologically Appropriate Raw Diet

Posted by Yushira Budhram on

Feeding Your Cat a Biologically Appropriate Raw Diet

A biologically appropriate raw diet for cats, which may also be referred to as the bones and raw food diet or BARF, is a feline nutrition plan that consists of the vitamins and nutrients the cat needs biologically for optimal health. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of the BARF diet.

Keep Your Cat's Weight in Check

According to USA Today, over half of all cats in this country could be considered obese. Part of that can be blamed on overfeeding, but the other part of the problem is how many fillers and carbohydrates can be found in regular cat food brands. A BARF diet gives your cat the food it needs to function healthily and feel satiated so they don't end up overeating.

Encourage a Healthier Coat

A healthy coat is especially important for cats. Cats spend a lot of time grooming themselves. If their coat is unhealthy and they do a great deal of shedding, they can have more issues with hairballs. A feline nutrition plan that gives the cat the nutrients it needs can help deter hair loss and keep the coat healthy.

Support Feline Dental Health

Dental issues can be detrimental to a cat's health. If your cat's teeth start to decay or fall out, they cannot eat the foods that will support their overall health. A biologically appropriate raw diet with bones and raw food helps to slough away tartar and plaque that can contribute to dental issues.

Aid in Better Digestion

Cats can be especially prone to digestion issues, and much of that is related to their diet. When the food the cat consumes is primarily made up of the nutrients the cat's body needs, they may be less likely to have problems with digestion. Also, the cat's stool will be smaller, easier to pass, and less smelly.

Support Better Overall

Health Overall, a biologically appropriate raw food diet can mean you have a healthier cat for the long term. The cat's bodily systems will be more functional and capable of thwarting common ailments and diseases, the cat can have more energy and feel better, and the cat's life span may even be increased.

How to Give Your Cat the Best Biologically Appropriate Raw Diet

Thankfully, knowledge of holistic pet care and manufacturer innovation has afforded a wealth of options when it comes to feeding cats a raw diet. You have a number of excellent options available to build the most appropriate feline nutrition plan.

Many cat owners prefer freeze-dried raw cat food because of its shelf stability. Primal Nuggets Chicken & Salmon Formula Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food is a good example. If you prefer frozen raw cat food or if you simply like to offer variety, Tucker's Pork Duck Pumpkin Grain-Free Frozen Raw Cat Food is an option. Both of these foods offer well-balanced formulas with good nutritive profiles to keep your pet healthy.

Looking for the Best Foods for Feline Nutrition?

At Aleyr Pet Wellness, we focus on bringing you the products you need to support your pet's health, from food to treats and beyond. To make sure your kitty gets the best raw food options, take a look at our total collection of products for cats.

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