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The Benefits of Raw Cat Food for Felines

Posted by Yushira Budhram on

In the wild, felines are naturally predatory carnivores, which means they consume a high-protein diet primarily consisting of raw meat. While your house cat may not be wild-born or roaming in the wilderness, a high-protein diet similar to what wild ancestors would eat can be beneficial. Even though there are some mixed beliefs around feeding a cat a raw diet, the benefits of raw cat food are pretty compelling.

Here is a closer look at some noteworthy benefits of feeding your feline well-sourced raw foods.

Raw cat food can be easier on the cat's digestive system.

One of the bigger advantages of a raw cat food diet is its benefit for the cat's digestive system. The feline digestive system is specifically made to digest meat, which means the cat has a shorter digestive tract that can process raw food within a few hours. Cats do not have a strong ability to digest complex carbohydrates. When cats are eating raw food, their body will use most of the nutritive content supplied, and their stool will be smaller, less frequent, and less odorous.

Raw cat food can support better dental health.

A cat's teeth are naturally made for eating a raw diet. Those pronounced canines and razor-sharp serrations allow a cat to rip through skin, tissue, and even bones. A raw diet helps keep those teeth strong, thwarts decay from too much starch, and encourages healthier teeth.

A raw diet for your cat can stabilize weight issues.

To make up for nutritional deficits in ordinary cat food, a cat will eat more. This tendency can lead to obesity in felines but may be easy to deter with a raw diet. Raw cat food is richer in the vitamins and minerals a cat needs, so they will be more fulfilled with each meal and less likely to continue begging for food.

Raw foods may deter feline urinary issues.

Cats can be prone to issues with their lower urinary tract. Some of these issues may be related to feeding high-carbohydrate, low-moisture foods that are harder for the cat's body to break down. In the wild, a cat's diet may consist of foods that are 65 to 75 percent water, and many raw foods can meet that same range. Feeding only dry food may actually make the cat's urine more acidic, which can lead to urinary problems.

Trust Only Top-Quality Raw Foods for the Best Outcome.

If you do determine that you wish to transition to a raw diet for your cat, make sure you opt for only the highest-quality food choices. When you are feeding raw foods, you must be mindful of quality to avoid issues with excess bacteria in the food and unsafe feeding. Answers Detailed Formula Organic Chicken Frozen Raw Cat Food and Tucker's Beef Pumpkin Formula Grain-Free Frozen Raw Cat Food are a few good examples of quality-made, reliable raw cat foods. You can also find freeze-dried raw foods, raw treats, and more to complete the cat's nutrition plan. To find more raw food options, take a look at the collection of products available from Aleyr Pet Wellness.

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