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Preparing your Pet for Travel - Plane and Car Trips

Posted by Yushira Budhram on

Traveling with Pets

Planning a trip? If you're like a lot of pet owners, you can't imagine leaving home without your beloved dog or cat in tow.

Thankfully, we've pulled together this helpful guide so you can get your furry pal ready for travel—whether you're traveling in a regular vehicle or on a plane. Here are a few good tips to get your pet properly prepared for the away-from-home adventure.

Tips to Remember for Pet Travel By Plane

Check with the Airline First

All airlines have their own restrictions and guidelines when it comes to bringing along your pets.

Check with the airline you plan to use and find out things like:

  • What size pet carriers are allowed
  • Whether you will be allowed to keep the carrier in the cabin with you
  • How food and water will be handled
  • If you need to provide a certificate of health from your vet

Pick Up Something to Soothe Your Pet

Airplane rides can be a little disconcerting for pets just as they can be a little unnerving for humans. Before your flight, pick up some calming dog chews, such as these from Pet Naturals of Vermont that contain naturally soothing nutrients.

Don't Forget to Line the Pet Carrier

When preparing the pet carrier for your dog or cat before the flight, be sure to line the carrier with appropriately sized pee pads. Accidents can happen, whether your dog or cat potties in the carrier or food or water gets spilled. A good liner will absorb any spills and keep the space nice and tidy to prevent messes.

Tips to Remember for Pet Travel By Car

Car Travel With Dogs

Invest in a Good Pet Carrier

Pet carriers can be necessities for air travel, but they can be important to keep your pet and you safe when taking a road trip as well. So, before you head out on your adventure, invest in a good-quality pet travel carrier. Always opt for a model with the right features, such as the Modena Maasai Cat Carrier, which offers:

  • A durable carry handle
  • Ventilation for good airflow
  • UV-proof design
  • Ease of cleaning

Grab Some Flea and Tick Spray

A long road trip can mean a lot of stops along the way for potty breaks. Therefore, you may be allowing your dog or cat out periodically in places with vegetation, weeds, and the potential for fleas and ticks. Grab some good flea and tick spray that you can mist on your pet before they leave your vehicle.

Pick Up Some Toys for the Road

If you are going on an especially long trip, your pet can get anxious, so having something on hand to occupy their time is a nice gesture. Something like the Benebone Bacon Stick Dog Chew Toy for dogs, for example, will give him something to focus his attention on.

Find Premium Pet Travel Necessities at Aleyr

Pet travel can be a bit of a challenge, but proper preparation in advance can simplify your trip and make sure you and your pet have a good time. To get everything you need for your pet, be sure to take a look at our collection of natural, premium pet products at Aleyr.

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