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How to Stop a Cat From Peeing in the House

Posted by Yushira Budhram on


If your cat keeps peeing in the house outside the litter box, understanding the reasons for this behavior can be the first step toward addressing these issues. At Aleyr Pet Wellness, we offer products designed with your cat's health and happiness in mind. If you are having issues with your cat peeing in the house, this list of possible causes could help you find the right solutions for you and your beloved pet.

Stress and Anxiety

Like people, cats tend to act out when they are feeling stressed or anxious. This can manifest itself as your cat peeing in the house in inappropriate places. Stress or anxiety may be the result of major changes in the household, which may include the arrival of a new baby, a new pet or even a reshuffling of your furniture. Taking the time to pet and comfort your cat can often reduce their stress levels to address issues with misplaced urination and to promote a happier relationship between you and your cat.

Displeasure With Household Conditions

If your cat is unhappy with the amount, type or location of food you provide, they may also act out by urinating in places they know are off-limits for that activity. If your cat keeps peeing in the house, you may want to adjust their diet to something they find more appealing, move their food dish or provide added food to reduce their frustration about the situation.

Improperly Placed or Insufficient Litter Boxes

By far the most common reason for your cat peeing in the house outside their litter box is a problem with the litter boxes themselves. Most veterinary experts recommend that you provide litter boxes equal to the number of cats in your home plus one. Thus, for one cat, you should have two litter boxes. Two cats would require three. At Aleyr Pet Wellness, we offer a variety of litter box options that can help resolve issues with cats peeing in the house:

  • - For budget-conscious pet parents, the Moderna HyCat Litter Box is affordable and can provide the extra impetus your cat needs to confine urination to the litter box and not your floors.
  • - Kittens can sometimes pee on the floor because they have difficulty entering larger litter boxes. The Moderna Kitten Litter Box is the perfect solution for this issue.
  • - If your cat keeps peeing in the house in secluded corners, privacy may be an issue to address. The Moderna Flipping Hooded Litter Box can provide a dark and secluded area that can help your cat feel more comfortable when urinating in the litter box.
  • - For added convenience, the Moderna Lift-to-Sift Litter Box makes it easy to keep your cat's litter box clean to reduce the risk of your cat peeing in the house on your floors.


In some cases, an illness could be responsible for your cat's habit of peeing on the floor instead of in the litter box. Scheduling a visit to the vet can ensure prompt diagnosis for your cat and a healthier and happier future for you both.

Changing your cat's litter regularly, switching to a new brand or increasing the number of litter boxes can all be good options if your cat keeps peeing in the house. To learn more or to explore our range of products, visit Aleyr Pet Wellness online or call us at 813-251-4428. We are here to serve you.

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