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How Diet and Exercise Can Help You Manage Behavior for an Out of Control Puppy

Posted by Yushira Budhram on


Welcoming a new puppy into your family can be a wonderful experience. If your new arrival has some behavioral issues, however, you may need a little extra help in caring for an occasionally out-of-control puppy. At Aleyr Pet Wellness, we can provide you with the products you need for your puppy. Here are some of the most important puppy training tips and points to keep in mind for new pet parents.

Puppies Are Full of Energy


Healthy and well-cared-for puppies vary widely in their energy levels. While the breed or mix of breeds does play an important role in how active your puppy is, the individual personality of your puppy will also affect the amount of exercise and play your four-legged friend needs.

One of the most important puppy training tips offered by canine behavior experts is to provide your puppy or dog with plenty of exercise. This can help your puppy burn off excess energy and can reduce the chance of an out-of-control puppy when it is time to settle down for the night. A brisk walk on a new West Paw Tether Leash can often allow your puppy to enjoy healthy exercise and to expend energy that might otherwise cause your pet to act out in an inappropriate way.

The Right Healthy Diet for Puppies Is Essential


Proper nutrition is important to keep your puppy happy and healthy. Choosing a real food diet for puppies is the way to go. Kibble diets can lead to sensitivities or allergies to grains and other components of some dog foods, which can also lead to  behavioral problems.

Choosing a real food diet can help you to ensure a healthy diet for puppies in your care. Selecting a grain-free product like All Provide Gently Cooked Beef Frozen Dog Food can provide the nutrients puppies need without some common allergens. If you are comfortable feeding raw, Smallbatch Turkey Batch Grain Free Frozen Dog Food contains organ meats and organic vegetables to reduce the likelihood of allergies and itchiness that can sometimes cause an out-of-control puppy.

Consistency Is the Key to Effective Training

Along with love and plenty of hugs, puppies need consistent training to adjust to life with you and your family. Training your dog to go outside or on a doggie pee pad is easier with products like Wizsmart All Day Dry Super Premium Dog Pee Pads. Providing your puppy with the necessary training and attention can promote the happiest lives for both you and your pet.

Finding the right pet products in the Tampa area can be challenging. At Aleyr Pet Wellness, we make it easy to find the right puppy training tips and to establish a healthy diet for puppies. You can visit our website online at Aleyr Pet Wellness or give our team a call at 813-251-4428 to learn more about how to handle your out-of-control puppy and to begin establishing a healthy diet for your puppy today. We are here to help you and your new addition! 

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