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Health Benefits of Regular Dog Grooming

Posted by Yushira Budhram on

Health Benefits of Regular Dog Grooming

How often do you take your dog to the groomer or groom your dog? If you don't necessarily do a lot of grooming yourself and don't go to a dog grooming service for help, your dog truly could be missing out on a range of benefits. Let's take a look at just some of the benefits of dog grooming.


Bathing a dog at home is not all that easy, but really is a necessary step. Regular bathing offers so many good benefits for your dog, including:

      - Washing away microbes that can collect on the skin

      - Reducing hairfall and shedding

      - Removing odors and dirt

Bathing a Dog

How often you bathe a dog should depend on several factors, such as breed and coat type. Something you can do at home to maintain that just-bathed freshness is use a daily spray, such as Nootie’s Daily Spritz, to minimize odors.

Conditioning Skin and Coat

Your dog's skin and coat need a little nourishment on occasion to stay healthy. Use products for shampooing and conditioning that are really good for your dog's coat and nourish the dog's skin. For example, something like Furr Ripe Raspberry Dog & Cat Shampoo is made with omega-6 fatty acids.

Hair Trims

Some breeds need to be trimmed regularly to prevent matting and keep shedding at bay. A visit to the groomer is a must for some canines to keep the dog's coat at a manageable length. Skipping those visits and not trimming the coat at home can mean your dog is carrying more weight than he must and could be prone to overheating as well.

Nail Trims

Nail trims at home can be tough because you have to be careful not to cut the dog's nails so short that it actually damages the internal flesh. However, dogs do need their nails trimmed on occasion, so if you have to get help, please do. Long nails are prone to breakage, getting caught on things, and causing the dog unnecessary pain.

Nail Trims For Dogs

Cleaning Ears

A dog's ears can collect a lot of dirt and germs, which can make them more prone to ear infections and ear-skin irritation. Use special products like True Leaf Cleansing Ear Drops on a soft cotton wipe to clean your dog's ears.

Oral Hygiene

Dog grooming should also include taking care of a dog's oral hygiene. Just like you, dogs can get buildup on their teeth that needs to be removed. Use a doggy toothbrush and something like Tropiclean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Peanut Butter Oral Care Gel for everyday cleaning. This helps to thwart problems with bad breath and keeps problems with decay at bay.

Good Dog Grooming Protects Your Dog

To have a healthy dog, good grooming practices are a must, and there are so many great products that can help. If you need help with nail trims, the Aleyr pet store in South Tampa offers free nail trims on Sundays. Be sure to reserve your spot for a free nail trimming session!

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