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Handle Bad Breath for Cats and Dogs with a Raw Diet

Posted by Yushira Budhram on

Bad Breath For Dogs

Every pet parent has been there - you lean in for some snuggles, or you become the victim of sudden wet "kisses," and a horrid smell wafts from your pet's mouth into your nose. Both cats and dogs can get serious bad breath, but did you know your pet's diet could be to blame?

A raw diet could be just what your pet needs to get their dental hygiene on track.

Why Do Dogs and Cats Get Bad Breath?

In short, bad breath is always caused by bacteria and food particles hanging out in the mouth. Every time your pet eats, small bits of food can get caught in between the tight spaces between their teeth and food residue can coat their tongue and gums. It is only a myth that bad breath is a normal thing or something you have to deal with if you have a certain breed.

Bad breath is actually a sign that your pet's dental hygiene is not in a healthy state, but it may also be a sign your pet is not getting the best diet. Some research suggests that 70 percent of both canines and felines have some kind of dental disease before they turn two years old.

Why a Raw Diet May Help with Dental Hygiene for Dogs and Cats

Raw food diets for cats and dogs have been shown to offer a full list of benefits. However, you may not know that a raw diet may also help with your pet's dental hygiene. Another popular myth is dry kibble cleans a pet's teeth, but dry kibble could actually be making your pet's teeth dirtier. Feeding a raw diet may help your pet with bad breath and their oral health because:

  • Raw foods don't contain starchy fillers that contribute to plaque buildup
  • A raw diet offers natural enzymes to protect a pet's oral health
  • Raw foods offer abrasive action to actually clean the teeth

    As an adage, raw foods don't contain those preservatives and synthetic ingredients that may pose a risk to the teeth and gums.

    Cat Eating Raw Diet

    Natural and Raw Dental Hygiene Products for Pets

    Just because you care about dental hygiene and keeping your pet's teeth and gums healthy, it does not mean you have to opt for chemical-laden or unsafe solutions. The natural health and wellness arena for pets is bursting with excellent natural options, including raw food options if you are looking to make a change.

    For example, if you are looking for a way to deter tartar and plaque formation on a cat or dog's teeth, an oral care spray or gel is an excellent option. Petzlife Oral Care Peppermint Spray is good for quick spritzes on the teeth periodically. And, Oral Care Gel Salmon Oil can be applied to your dog or cat's teeth as needed.

    Additionally, raw bones can be a good way to help dogs keep plaque buildup at bay. For example, Tucker's Grain-Free Frozen Raw Beef Bones are a good occasional treat option to help keep your dog's teeth cleaner.

    Keep Pet Health and Wellness with Raw and Natural Pet Products

    From their teeth to their tails, taking good care of your pet should always be a full-body effort. If you are on the lookout for high-quality pet products made with natural ingredients, including dental hygiene products and raw bones, be sure to check with us at Aleyr. Each of our products is hand-selected because it contains only ingredients good for your pet.

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