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Birth of the Journey Room

Posted by Yushira Budhram on

As we grow our understanding about our animals, we see there is much more to our relationship than companionship. We are learning that just like us, they are on their own path of mind, body and spirit evolution. 

Our mission is to walk with them through this journey of co-evolution. To empower ourselves as their human companions. To learn from them and with them, to help them heal and flourish into their highest form of being. 

And so, the Journey Room was created. 

Our Journey Room is our inner sanctuary where we offer our holistic vet consults, animal massage and reiki, animal bio-resonance scans, educational workshops and much more. It is the home for our human and animal community to come together to learn, heal and grow. 

In a time where vet visits are expensive and vets are very busy, the Journey Room is a place where we empower our pet parents to feel confident in caring for their animals in mind, body and spirit. 

Animal Communication Workshop

We recently held our very first event in our Journey Room,  an animal communication workshop hosted by Michelle Lowry of Nikoe Natural Therapies. Michele is a gifted animal intuitive and telepathic communicator. She has spent the last 20-years growing and expanding her universal knowledge and intuitive abilities. Her work with animals has allowed her to bring a deeper understanding and a higher perspective to the relationship between humans and their animals.

Our team here at Aleyr has had private sessions with Michelle. During these sessions we learned our animals have lived many lifetimes with some of us and others have come to help us on our mission to heal animals holistically. 

Michelle told us things that she could not have possibly known. For instance, Brittany’s (one of our Aleyr Guides) cat Darter has had continuous heath issues since she has had him. Those health issues have always shown up as digestive symptoms like throwing up and urinary issues. After countless vet visits and blood tests and everything coming back ‘normal’ she was left with no answers. Michelle’s communication session with Darter taught her that it was in fact his heart that was causing the issues and he even named the supplement he needed to help him. He also mentioned that they have lived many lives together and in each life he is Brittany’s sick animal companion and she is on a mission to heal him.  This was very profound for Brittany to discover, especially because of the circumstances under which Darter came into her life. She was not meant to get a cat or had any intention to but when she saw him she said she felt something inside her that she could not explain. Maybe it was an intuition of a connection that exists beyond lifetimes. Since the session, Brittany sees Darter in a new light. She understands and truly believes that their relationship is beyond human and animal. As she implemented Darter’s requests together with a raw diet, his health has drastically improved. 

Our goal is to make valuable resources like Michele available to our community so that you too can discover your higher connection with your animal. During the workshop, Michele taught us how to connect with our animals intuitively. She taught us techniques that we can use everyday to feel the communication signals our animals send to us. This can empower us to resolve behavioral issues, health issues and much more. We also did an exercise where we connected with other people's animals at the workshop with astonishing results. 

We will be hosting a Pet Loss Workshop with Michele on Feb 19, 2022 and another Animal Communication Workshop on Feb 26, 2022. If you would like to attend, please call us at 813-251-4428 or email us at or book here 


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